“Every woman is wired to collect” – Clergyman, Emmanuel Okose tells men to leave a woman alone if they can’t take care of her (Video)

Emmanuel Okose asks

Controversial Nigerian clergyman, Emmanuel Okose, formerly known as Soul E, has advised men to leave a woman alone if they cannot take cater for her needs.

He stated this in a video shared on his social media page recently. According to him, women are not designed to work and provide for their personal needs, but they are forced to work because of the financial insecurity of their partners.

 Emmanuel Okose asks

He said that he has travelled to 56 countries around the world and has come to understand that women don’t want to work but want to be cared for by a man. Additionally, he stated that no matter how rich a woman is, she still wants the money of a man.

Speaking further, Emmanuel told men to let a woman go if they can’t provide for her needs, and instead go for a woman within their financial class.

Watch him speak below,

In other news, an African American man has decided not to fund his stepdaughter’s upcoming wedding as a result of her request.

According to him, the girl requested that her biological father walk her down the aisle because she wanted him to be present for such a significant moment in her life.

He said that he had purchased her a vehicle and that she had recently received her college diploma.

The girl’s desire to honor her real dad, embarrassed him because the father is notorious for making promises that he never keeps.

He said that he didn’t need to help with the wedding preparations since she didn’t feel honored to have him walk her down the aisle.

According to him, the problem was made worse by her request and the fact that the 20 individuals he wanted her to invite did not receive wedding invitations.